Dianas sida





My dog Zita

is born on 00-07-01 and came to us as a puppy, 4 months old.

I "advertised" for a "friend" to Diana
and a suitable familydog.

By the answers I got, we got hooked on Zita, only 4
months and already house-trained and the breeding she
had were attractive.
Border Collie/Alsatian.

By the same reason Diana ended up at us, Zita became

If the the previous owner do not have the possibility
to keep the dog, we still had a big garden that make
the dog like being here despite of my "fragile" body.

We realized soon that we had got a dog that were the
opposite to our Diana.

Zita were very carefully to keep the herd collected
already after one week.

This little puppy had control everywhere!
If I went in for 2 seconds, she were standing on the
table on the terrace and checking if she could see me.

Our house has three doors and that were something she
established right away, if I were in the
coarse-kitchen she barked on the backside, she was
incredible knowing where I was all the time.

As a 5 month old puppy she tracked down Diana and took
her "by the scruff of the neck " to mistress when her
friend ran away one time.

Even today she get Diana when I call and she dont
For instance; when she is out on the yard, and sleep
and it is time for the eveningwalk.

Zita even checks otherwise, for instance when Diana is
alone out in the yard "Zita knows" when Diana stand
before the door wanting to get in, that is very good
today cause Diana is blind.

Well, Zita can do some tricks also!

One summer they were taking a bath with master, Zita
followed Diana when she ran away the waterway.

Telephone was warm by all the neighbours with beach
lot calling telling......they just passed us now....

Three houses later I caught up with them with the
leash in one hand and the mobile in the other hand!

Zita makes a lot of noises.
She "coooooooooooorrarrr" when she is happy, or when
she is alone and have all that space in the bed to
stretch out her full length in.

She "vov-yyll-oo-yyll-vov" when she talks and she is
very talkative, how sweet...but ouch how it hurts my

She demands much of us, she get laborious if we dont
do different exercises so she can work.

She can on 5 minutes pick out everything from the dogs
toybox and put everything on the bed,wag her tail,and
"knorr-morr" talking, to "get me going".

To make tricks with Zita is not an "art", she get
everything right away and is so fast that she can ran
away with the candy, when for instance I am pulling so
she should "walk slalom".

It was a fun acquaintance with Zita.

The opposite of Diana in every way.







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