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My dog Trixi,

with the magnificent name Bunnyhunter EA15 Ferrer.

Our little wire-haired dachshund, you were born 19920914

and were also 14 years old when you came to us.

But we knew eachother since before when you were
living at the old uncle some houses from ours.

You have been a faithful suitor here for 7 years, each
time Diana was in heat.

The fact is that even this time you came on your own,
while the person who should follow you was out looking
for you.

That I finally open the gate for you after all these
years, you took for granted, and when Diana and Zita
came out on the yard you became so happy.

Then all three camed in, you just followed the others.
When all of your things were here, and we have had
coffee, Zita sat and sulk.

She barked at you and pushed you towards the door so
you would go with your family when they left.
But stubborn as a dachshund can be you thouhgt - bark
if you want - who cares?

You adopted master right away, you sleep in his bed
wheiher he is home or not.

Me you had to "put in place" through riding on me the
first twenty-four hours.

But OK! I understand your attitude, I have always been
the bad one who denies you being here and going home
with you each time to your master, cause of old age
did not manage you.

But one day later you and med, we
were friends too.

You  maybe thougth you hade won the battle cause you
could stay!

You are a very charming personality!
You take my slippers and hide under the table, your
look says it all - please chase me.

If I stamp on the floor you run around like a fool
under the table.

The first two weeks you turned the dogtoybox
uppsidedown, dragging all the things around all the
house several times every day.

You chased balls so
hard that I thouhgt you would damage yourself on the
Then you and Zita started to play, or maybe I should
call it tease.

Taking the ball from eachother, but when Zita wanted
to "spead you up" through shove her big paw on your
head you looked at her offended.

You are so small compared to the others but tough and
stubborn so it is enough.

If they leave, of course you tag along.
If you have snow up to your ears, you jump with a
fancy undulatory motion on your long dachshund-back.

But I discovered something that will stopp you.
Bad weather, then you turn and go back in again, the
others are left alone out there.

A couple of times they have been bad to you, when
Diana lay on you and weighed down by all her weight of
her body.
Oh how you scream!

But since you will be back there again as soon as you
are free I dont think that you suffer from Dianas
education methods.

And you are no coward, you growl
and launch an attack so nobody scare you easy, despite
your small corporal body.

It is nonsense to sit on command you think, but one of
our rules you have accepted.
After a walk every dog sit and wait while mistress get
the clothes off, then there is a treat!

But what do you do when mistress tie the leash? Then
you have to obey!

You love to cuddle, then you rub your face against our
feet, but even the carpet will do when we pat your

Though you dont have to lick us that much.

We like you anyway little sweet Trixi.

In Memorium!






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